Xan was born with a secret. Those that seek her only know her as X, an assassin, thief and a

mercenary for hire. Her one rule; don’t get caught. Her life is about to change, but shit

happens when you’re part demon, part sin eater and just happen to be a construct of the Immortal Cain. He sparked her life and now he wants her back, unfortunately he’ll just have to get in the queue.

The legendary Dorian Grey wants his portrait back and the sexy Texas Ranger Marshall Walker wants his missing daughter found. There’s only so many times a girl can say no! One simple yes leads to an adventure with elves and the notorious serial killer Clockwork. All while dragging her demon babysitter-trainer Adram along for the ride.

Marshall Walker needs help to find his daughter. After following Clockwork to the UK he needs to find the best to pick up the trail. Little did he know that Alexandra Trescott would take him on the ride of his life and his heart. He just hopes he can save his daughter and maybe his sin eater in time.

Cain is back, the Major and her father are best friends, Adram is being unbearable and Xan is

officially on the run. The safest place for her to be is a rehabilitation school for teenage addicts. The problem? She must be fifteen and mortal, in a hurry. In Xan’s world, this is nothing unusual and the only person freaking is Adram.


Rehabilitation isn’t exactly what Xan thought and the Major has his fat fingers in all the pies. One place with two goals; find a possible Angelic

artefact and stay safe. Everything is running in twos, shadows behind shadows and nothing is as it seems. Unfortunately, every person is a pawn caught up in a web of lies and Xan is slowly

getting tangled.


Maybe this time Xan has found the limit of her mortality and being the best isn’t good enough.



Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

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