The Raven

Plucked from death and her own time, Meredith awakens to a strange new world, alone and with no memory. The world has changed and all she can do is piece together her old life through shattered

memories. Someone had resurrected her but she has no idea why.


She already knew about the world under her own. The world full of vampires, werewolves and witches. A world where her brother belonged, not her. Men were witches, women were mortal and that was how it had been for thousands of years. The more Meredith remembered the more power hummed beneath her skin. Fire, ice and Earth called to her but she had no control. Not yet.


It was inevitable that her power would be wanted, it was just a matter of whom would get to her first and make her believe in their cause. Did she really want to be worshipped as a God or stay true to her heart?


In her darkest hour, an oath would be honoured and her memory finally restored. Meredith was gone and the Raven would rise.


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