Jessica Dawn

Jessica Dawn has felt alone all her life and a personal tragedy has set her on a path of revenge and self-destruction. Always searching and longing for the family she lost has meant that she has spent the last two years hiding and fighting in the shadows. One night her life would change again, thrown into a world she never knew existed. She will find horrors, hope, friendship, love and a strength she did not think she had. She is a Pure Blood; the only known Vampire Pure Blood in existence and she has been protected all her life by a secret organisation called the Council.


Reuban is an Alpha, a Wolf that has sworn his life to this woman and in the process has lost his heart. He will see that no harm will ever come to her and she is destined to forever hold his soul. From the moment he disobeyed orders and interfered in her life he knew he could no longer deny his Wolf and she would be his.


An old threat is rising, Reuban and Jess will have to fight together for their lives and their love, a love that has been written by Fate herself. But can they overcome new lies and truths that could destroy the very world they are part of? The Queen and her army must be stopped before she can break her bonds and return to this world bringing Hell along with for the ride.


Jessica never asked for this life but she sure as hell won’t be going down without a fight and Reuban will be by her side for every second – bring it on!

Juliet has been living her life day by day for over four hundred years but being burnt at the stake can do that to a woman. A lover lost had burned deep within her veins ever since and continues to cloud her judgement. A Vampire with a broken heart is not someone to be messed with but the Council has given her the escape she needs. However she also acquires a troublesome nineteen year old in the process that is in danger of melting her heart.

Fate is laughing in Juliet's face and situations are beginning to drag her designer clad ass through hell but with the help of friends a light is blooming on the horizon.


Troy has lived with secrets all his life and his family have paid deeply for them at the hands of Juliet. His heart is torn between his love for her and the need for revenge but every time he sees her he can not control his desires. He knows he can never replace the love she lost but he hopes he can open her heart again and make her realise she is not the 'Ice Bitch' she believes.

The Darkest Days are finally upon us and the Daughters of Eve shall rise again.


Jess sacrificed herself for the people she loved but she now has to pay the consequences for her actions because something dark is coming and it is heading straight for her. She really did not think her life could get any more complicated but when another tall dark stranger walks back into her life she realises she has a decision to make. All she wants is for everyone to leave her alone and let her live the life she thought she once had but things are getting out of control fast. The love she has for Reuban can only ground her for so long and her anger is beginning to spiral out of control. If she tells him how she really feels she could lose him forever or get him killed and that is a risk she could never forgive herself for.

The Council have accepted her for what she is but has she? There is a huge possibility everyone she loves is going to die if she stays, but if she walks away she will have to leave the love of her life behind and that would rip her soul apart.


The only way out is to work with the one person she hates more than anything in this world and that was going to take a lot of self restraint if she was going to get through this nightmare without killing him.


Reuban can see the torment within Jess and it is breaking his heart. He would do anything to ease her pain even if it meant letting her walk away, destroying him in the process. His only hope is to seek guidance from Brigate and finally understand the true meaning of Megan's Prophecy. It started with a Prophecy and it is there he will find the truth and it is a secret that could tear the Council to pieces.

A fractured alliance will be formed again with a new generation of warriors and Jess is at its centre. The war is about to begin and a destiny will finally be fulfilled!

Everyone has a story to tell. Megan has lived a life of seclusion and deceit. She is an Oracle. A child of light that has no idea her true worth until her life is threatened by an unknown enemy. Her heart longs for a person that lives in her dreams. Blue eyes that would steal her soul would send her life into a spiral of self-discovery and longing. A Fate that should have her die at birth and a darkness that wants her life for his. Hiding behind an image she thought was safe would open a world of trust, friendship and heartache but she will continue. She will continue to love a man that refuses her.


Brigate is a fallen Archangel and leader of the Council. He has been repairing a broken heart through the centuries but still aches for the love he lost. His heart demands he loves again but can he survive if he opens his soul to another? Megan has been a wonder to him since their eyes first met and he sees something different inside her soul. Something he thought was lost to him. He will fight for her, he would die for her, for he knows the Ripper is coming and it’s coming for the lover he lost.

Society is beginning to fracture, those that believe and those that decide to continue living in ignorance. It is up to the Paranormal Investigatory Secret Service to restore the balance and create a safe haven for all.


Jess has finally come to terms with who she is and that she is finally home. Surrounded by those she loves she has become the leader of the Daughters and accepted Death as her father. Her biggest trial is yet to come in the shape of her new found pregnancy and her ability to keep her family safe. As each day passes Reuban becomes even more protective of his mate and child, much to Jess' annoyance. Their relationship is about to go one step further in a world that isn't ready for them.


The Fate of the future is in the hands of Adam a child that is destined to die and the reason Jess has exposed herself to the World. Adam knows he is important but until he realises who he is, his life will be judged by Death. The truth is locked in a family secret that will rock the lives of the ones he loves.


Finally the Darkness is clearing and the brightness is shining through..

For decades Maria has lived with secrets. She had a perfect life, the perfect family until those secrets threaten to take everything away. An offer from a dark stranger to help her control her new Empath abilities leads to the birth of a darkness so dangerous inside her Brigate locks it away. Or so he thinks.

Kroll is a Gremlin, a dragon who has become Maria's Guardian. From the second he saw her a lifetime ago he loved her but Gremlins are paired at birth to produce a strong bloodline.


Maria will have to make a choice and Death will be waiting to judge her.

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